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Community Ambassadors

If you are a goodwill leader, interested in developing your speaking skills, build new relationships and memories, and would like the opportunity to travel throughout Washington representing the McCleary Community as an Ambassador, then Bear Festival is for you!

​Bear Festival Ambassadors have reigned over the festival and represented the City of McCleary since 1959.  The Ambassadors are your official host and is one of the most visible parts of the McCleary Bear Festival.  Throughout a one year reign, Ambassador Program members, in addition to traveling with the float, will make appearances at various events to represent the Festival, and also perform tasks as a goodwill leader of the McCleary Community.

The Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for outstanding young individuals to be recognized for their community commitment and spirit.  In return, our crowned Senior Queen or King receive a $1,000 college/trade school scholarship at completion of their royal duties.  This is an opportunity to make life-long friends around the state and within the community.

​The Bear Festival Ambassadors are comprised of multiple outstanding students chosen from the McCleary and Elma School District.  In a typical year, Ambassador announcements take place in late November.  Following their selection, members will proudly be presented as an official Bear Festival Princess or Prince and a City of McCleary Ambassador, with first appearance at the annual December fundraiser.

During our 60th Annual Bear Festival, the community expanded the program to include the first Junior Ambassadors (ages 10-12) Program for our City.  The Junior members were established to help build excitement throughout the community in the younger generations by exposing them to the experiences, while interacting with not only the committee, but receiving mentoring from the Senior members (ages 13-15). 

2022-2023 Ambassadors

Queen Kinsleigh

Check back for more information about Queen Kinsleigh. 

Princess Lola

Hi my name is Lola Van Blaricom. I'm 13 yeas old and in the seventh grade. This year I am a Senior Princess running to be Senior Queen. This is my 4th year being in the Bear Festival. I won Junior Queen in 2021 and I still hold that crown. I'm looking forward to one day passing it on. I was a Junior Princess for two years because of Covid.

I am the youngest in my family. I have an older brother named Dusti, two cats - Olaf and Bubba, and a dog named Sam.

I am in Honor Society at school, and was in Honor Society last year as well. Outside of the Bear Festival and school I also dance. I have danced for the last ten years. I was very active in Girl Scouts up until I got into middle school. I then decided I needed to spend more of my time on school.

My favorite thing about being a Bear Festival Ambassador is meeting new people, developing new friendships, and of course the dance parties. I really enjoy getting to know the community members in McCleary. I have really enjoyed getting to know the firefighters in town. They are some of my favorite people. I have also enjoyed getting to know some of our veterans more.

My favorite subject in school is being a TA (Teachers Assistant) as a I get to help teachers and younger students. I also really enjoy being in the band and playing volleyball. The instrument I play is the clarinet.

When I get to high school, I look forward to being in the performing arts which includes band, choir, and drama. I plan on trying out for competition dance and drill, volleyball, and fall drill.

After high school I want to go to college so I can become a preschool teacher.

Princess Kaelahni

Hi, my name is Kaelahni. I am 14 years old and I have lived in McCleary for 8 years. This is my first year being part of the McCleary Bear Festival Royalty Court and so far it’s been amazing. I’m in 8th grade at McCleary school. I’m a straight A 4.0 student and I expect to finish the year that way. I’m part of the highly capable program and I’m in Honor Society. My favorite school subject is space science.

I do some extracurricular activities too. I’ve been participating in Girl Scouts for nine years and I’m currently a Cadette. I also like to do archery and have been in the 4H archery club for five years. I’m a volunteer at the Adopt a Pet dog shelter and I really enjoy my time there with the dogs. If you’re looking for a furry friend and you get the chance, you should visit the shelter sometime. There’s a bunch of dogs there that are still waiting for homes.

I have a lot of things I like to do in my freetime. I really enjoy playing video games (as does every other kid) and I’ll often play online with a few friends. I also like to put together puzzles, and I’ll usually do the ones that have a lot of pieces. Sometimes I’ll roller skate for fun. I’d say I’m good at roller skating because I can be fast and I rarely fall. During the summertime I’ll go and have fun swimming with my family.


I have big dreams for my future. I’d like to go on to be Miss Grays Harbor or even Miss Washington. I’d like to be a content creator that makes videos for people to enjoy. I also want to raise money to make change in the world. In my future, I want to donate to helpful organizations such as St. Jude’s or the Environmental Defense Fund.

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